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Why Acquiring products is hot today?

Digital products are getting easier and easier to code. We see Indiehacker Solopreneurs running 4-5 startups at the same time. Building software is a 15-day hustle with a new AI tech stack and easy-to-use, no-code platforms.

Yes, that's great but on the other hand, we see 1000s of abandoned projects. Web apps, Softwares, mobile apps and even agencies.

So, what are smart brains doing? They are buying these startups at a fractional cost.

After they acquire these digital startups, they can easily build on top. It saves them a lot of time to develop an idea, validate the model, and refine the code.

They can now focus on rebranding, modifying, and launching for a better audience with better offers. Now is the best time to acquire micro startups under $10k and take this startup to $100k MRR in 12 months.

Most abandoned projects lack:

  1. High Quality Branding
  2. Punchy Copywriting
  3. Simple Pricing
  4. Better UI/UX
  5. Community

If you nail these 5 factors, you have 80% chance of finding product market fit. Once you find that, that's a jackpot.

Best Acquisition story: